The Budget DJ
Utah Wedding DJ, DJs, Deejays, Disc Jockeys - Salt Lake City, Provo
 Utah Wedding DJ,DJs,DJ’s,Deejays,Disc Jockeys - Salt Lake City, Provo
Our high school and college years are great times that create lasting memories of school spirit and sporting events, dating, the friends we made, and the things we did to have a good time. One of the favorite opportunities for interaction between girls and guys has long been the dance or prom. I first met my wife at a stake dance in Salt Lake City. I owe a lot to dances!

Music is powerful. It can instantly change one's mood. Music can be a time machine. We can hear a song from the days of our youth, and suddenly we're carried back in our minds to another place and another time. Memories of people and places and the things we were doing years ago come flooding back into our minds.
Let the Budget DJ make memories for the young (school dances) and bring back memories for the not so young (class reunions). We will customize your music playlist to include all your favorites. We will play your requests and dedicate that special song to your sweetheart. The cost is always reasonable! Give us a call at (801) 656-5165 in Salt Lake County and (801) 623-8311 in Utah County to schedule your event. Let us answer any questions you might have. Go to our home page for hot links to download and print the forms intitled 1. Event Questionnaire,  and 2. Mobile Entertainment Contract. Fill in the blanks and sign the contract. Send the above forms along with a deposit to secure your place on our calendar and mail to:
The Budget DJ
P.O. Box 1056
Salem, Utah 84653
(No deposit is required if you pay all in advance for a discount.) We will then sign the contract and return a copy to you. We take Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.We look forward to working with you - The Budget DJ
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