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Utah Wedding DJ,DJs,DJ's,Deejays,Disc Jockeys-Salt Lake City,Provo
A WEDDING COUPLE ENJOYS THEIR FIRST DANCE.  A wedding is one of the most important events in the lif A WEDDING COUPLE ENJOYS THEIR FIRST DANCE.

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a bride and groom. Thoughtful planning can make the wedding reception a memorable and joyful event.The budget DJ provides you with questionnaires (downloadable from our home page) to help in planning your reception. These include a song request list of must play songs, and indications of which types of music should appeal to your group. Do you want the DJ to have lots of high energy party-songs with games and contests and fun interaction, or do you want him to be more low-key with lots of romantic love songs? Perhaps you would like the first half of the dance to be high energy and the last half to be more relaxed.

There are many things that the DJ needs to know from you. Are there any songs or artists that you do not want played. Do you have a liason for the DJ to deal with during the reception? The Wedding Party Introductory Sheet lets the DJ know the order in which members of the bridal party should be introduced. The DJ needs to know the bride and groom's song choices for their first dance as well as the father-and-daughter and mother-and-son dances. The bride and groom should let the DJ know when they would like to have the bouquet toss, garter toss, and cake-cutting ceremonies,etc. Will a meal or refreshments be provided at the reception? Each couple in the bridal party needs to know their cue for entering the room. The DJ, banquet manager, if applicable, and the photographer and videographer need to discuss the order and timing of events and coordinate their efforts.
The typical wedding reception might include:     1. Arrival of Guests - DJ plays cocktail music whilThe typical wedding reception might include:

   1. Arrival of Guests - DJ plays cocktail music while guests enter and pictures are taken.
   2. Bridal Party Entrance: DJ introduces bridal party couples as he plays instrumental music in the background. Then DJ plays traditional Wedding March (or requested song) as bride and groom make their grand entrance.
   3. Toast
   4. Blessing
   5. Bride & Groom First Dance. DJ plays requested song.
   6. Bridal Party Dance
   7. Bride and Father Dance.
   8. Groom and Mother Dance
   9. Dinner: DJ plays instrumental and vocal music selections to fit group's tastes.
  10. Cake Cutting: low key background music or song requested by bride & groom.
  11. Bouquet Toss
  12. Garter Toss
  13. Anniversary Dance(if desired)
  14. Conga Line(optional)
  15. Dancing: DJ plays requests and music to fit the group.

Give the Budget DJ a call today at (801) 656-5165 in Salt Lake County and (801) 623-8311 in Utah County and schedule your wedding reception. Download three forms from our Home page. 1. Mobile Entertainment Contract 2. Wedding Party Introductory Sheet 3. Wedding Reception Questionnaire. Fill in the blanks and sign the contract and mail with your deposit to:
The Budget DJ
P.O. Box 1056
Salem, Utah 84653

Deposit reserves your date on our calendar. (No deposit required if you pay all in advance for a discount) We take Visa, Master Card and Discover Card. We will sign the contract and mail you a copy.

The Budget DJ

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